Visual Kettlebell Workout Video-Kettlebell better than gym

Visual Kettlebell Workout

Visual Kettlebell Workout Video Review.

Sitting too much shortens hip flexors and makes it so that glutes
won’t even be able to fire properly when doing “glute exercises”
like squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

The unique design of the kettlebell fixes this problem by “waking up”
the dormant glutes – allowing you to build and shape the butt.

We have been told that “sitting is the new smoking”.

I don’t know if I would go that far, but most of us should
probably move around more during the day.

This is due to the hip flexors shortening and the glutes completely
relaxing while in a sitting position.

The glutes become lazy.

Eventually this problem becomes so bad…

You won’t even be able to feel them during so called “glute exercises”
like the squat or deadlift.

Once you become “Quad Dominant” they will tend to takeover during
almost every lower body movement.

The quads become stronger and the glutes don’t fire at all.

It’s a cycle that can get worse with time.

The solution is to do a glute exercise that takes the
quads out of the movement.

Barbell hip thrusts work, but they require an Olympic bar and
at least 100-200 pounds of weight.

The glutes require a lot of force in order to improve.

They are powerful muscles.

You aren’t really going to shape your glutes with
body weight movements like this.

The glutes need to contract hard.

This won’t get the job done.

One piece of equipment that does an incredible job is the kettlebell.

With certain kettlebell lifts, you get a strong BACKWARD horizontal pull.

kettlebell horizontal pull 1 hand

You can’t really duplicate this with a dumbbell or barbell.

Your glutes have to fire hard to reverse the backward momentum
and propel the weight forward again.

Because you are reversing momentum…

You are actually applying a force up to 5-10 times
the weight of the kettlebell.

A 20 pound kettlebell can weigh in excess of 100+ pounds,temporarily.

This type of kettlebell lift is called a
“centripetal ballistic exercise”

The kettlebell wants to pull the body forward in the
second half of the exercise.

The glutes have to fire hard to resist this.

This a fantastic butt exercise.

It also strengthens up a lot of the muscles that become
weak from sitting too much.

Best part is that it barely involves the quads.

This is incredible if you have had a hard time shaping
your glutes in the past. This exercise can fix that problem.

This is just one aspect of the unique kettlebell.

If you were forced to choose one piece of workout equipment
it would be hard to beat the kettlebell.

This a 3-month program aimed specifically at torching body fat
and sculpting the body without bulking up the thighs.

This isn’t a CrossFit style kettlebell program.

It also isn’t aimed at the hardcore fitness crowd.

There is a much larger group of people who simply want to
lose body fat and increase muscle tone.

This course is aimed at people who most likely have never
considered kettlebell training in the past.

Many people who are accustomed to regular weights don’t really
understand the odd design of the kettlebell.

And the advantages of this design.. Powerful than anything…

Kettlebell swings build the glutes WITHOUT increasing
the size of the thighs.

This is very difficult to accomplish with dumbbells or barbells.

We believe the unique Butt Building properties of the kettlebell
have NOT been explained well to the general public…
and we plan on changing that!

The exercise and workout videos from the course are all
filmed on the beach of Costa Rica.

This course isn’t just for women!

Kettlebells are incredible for men!

Our workouts will help men who want to get strong,
lean and fit like a “GQ” model…
or an actor in a James Bond movie.

Kettlebells training is a safe no-impact way to target
fast-twitch muscle fibers…
maintaining these as you age allows you move like a younger person.

Kettlebells require much more balance and coordination than almost
any other type of training. This causes the stabilizer muscles to fire.

The joints and stabilizers become strong at the same rate as the
major muscle groups… this will develop an injury-resistant body.

Have you ever noticed that people age at drastically different rates?

This is especially apparent as someone hits 50.
This meme captures perfectly…

(Wilford Brimley was 50 in Cocoon and Tom Cruise was 56 when they
filmed the newest Mission Impossible movie.)

People not only looked old, they moved like old people as well.

When you age one of the first things to shrink are your type 2
fast-twitch muscles fibers.

This will eventually cause you to move at a snail’s pace.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Strength training can help you retain these muscle fibers.

You DO need to be careful with exercise selection.

Barbells and machines can work, but there is one potential issue.

The prime movers (main muscles) get worked… but your joints and
stabilizer muscles don’t get trained at the same rate as your muscles.

The less balancing that is required from the stabilizers…

The worse this issue becomes.

Strong muscles combined with weak stabilizers can cause
serious problems over time.

This can greatly increase leg strength…

But the lower back and core don’t have to work at all
(this is asking for an injury).

This is where the kettlebell comes in.

Kettlebells are almost the EXACT opposite of this.

Your joints and stabilizers have to become strong FIRST,
before you have the ability to do a lot of the exercises.

This is one reason that special forces units and the
military use kettlebell training.

Kettlebells strengthen connective tissues at the
same rate as the muscles.

This in one of the biggest strengths of the kettlebell compared
to many traditional “gym exercises”.

Kettlebell lifts require full body coordination!

No one machine ot exercise Cant give you this at once…
Only Kettlebell Does!

People will do kettlebell-only workouts for 3-6 months (or longer).

When they go back to things like the bench press, squat, deadlift, etc.

They quickly surpass their “personal bests” on these lifts.

I believe it is due to the connective tissues and joints becoming
healthier from kettlebell movements and catching
up with muscle strength.Makes sense to me.

This introduces the idea the kettlebell can replace typical cardio.
The StepMill is one of the toughest cardio machines since it works
the fast-twitch type 2 muscle fibers.

It’s hard to duplicate this at home with most equipment.
It IS possible to do this with a single kettlebell since many
of the exercises require the type 2 fibers in the glutes
to fire explosively.

It’s hard to find an exercise that hits the type 2 fibers hard
in the glutes when training at home.

Kettlebell swings actually accomplish this.

The cool thing is that they hit the quads even less than running stairs.

It’s almost all glutes.

Since most people are quad dominant from sitting too much,
this is a fantastic exercise to counteract that by working the glutes.

It doesn’t take much time either.

In 20 minutes you will be sweating and breathing hard in a way
that is very similar to doing HIIT on a StepMill machine.

If you want to build and shape the glutes while burning fat…

Kettlebells are perfect for that.

It is actually possible to duplicate the calorie-torching effect
of the toughest cardio machine, with just one single kettlebell.

This a 3-month program aimed specifically at torching body fat
while increasing strength and muscle definition without excess bulk.

This was just released in the Fall of 2020.

Get Your Video Training Visual Kettlebell Workouts at home.

When you train from a standing position it will work your abs
to varying degrees. Most standing exercises only have
vertical component since you are just working against gravity.

Many kettlebell exercises have a unique horizontal component
which works your abs extra hard…
and almost all exercises are performed while standing.

Work Your Abs Without Doing “Ab Exercises”

Whenever you do exercises from a standing position this
works your abs to varying degrees.

Some exercises are more effective than others.

Take the standing barbell military press.

Your abs, lower back and you core have to fire hard in order
to keep your torso stable during the movement.

With most barbell exercises like squats, military presses,
and deadlifts, you are mainly just stabilizing your torso
while working against gravity.

You are really just dealing with a vertical force.

Certain exercises have a horizontal component as well.

Some cable exercises are a good example.

The prime mover for this exercise are your pecs but…

Your abs have to fire hard against the backward pull as well.

If you wanted to isolate the same muscles with free weights?

You would do dumbbell flyes.

This doesn’t require your abs to fire, since your torso is resting on a bench.

Standing exercises almost always require more engagement from the abs.

Even standing curls work your abs harder than seated curls.

Most of us sit too much anyway…

Most kettlebell exercises are done while standing.

An exercise like the kettlebell swing has a strong horizontal pull
that is hard to duplicate with barbells and dumbbells.

This requires much more core stabilization from the abs
compared to more traditional gym exercises.

The abs fire even harder if a single arm is used.

The abdominals have to engage to resist rotation
and bending to the side.

It is aimed at burning calories at a rapid pace while creating
muscle definition and firming up the abs, glutes and the rest of the body.

The kettlebell pulls pretty hard in a backward direction
at the top of the movement.

Your abs fire hard each and every rep.

So not only are you working your glutes hard at the bottom
of the movement…

Your abs get a killer workout.

For buns and abs of steel, it’s hard to beat kettlebell exercises.

This is a minimalist 3-month program that can be repeated over and over.

It requires just one single kettlebell.

The workouts are 20-25 minutes long.

That is it.

The workouts are designed to burn tons of calories while improving
strength and muscle definition.

Get Your Video Training Visual Kettlebell Workouts at home.



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